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Translation and the Bible:  Proposed changes to the Lectionary

The Irish Bishops’ Conference, like many other English-speaking Conferences, is currently considering changing the translation of the Bible used in the Lectionary. The Irish bishops are considering using the Revised New Jerusalem Bible, as the basis for a new edition of the Lectionary for Mass in Ireland. In their March meeting they invited people to make submissions to the Liturgy Commission in respect of their views and opinions on this proposal. The choice of biblical readings will remain the same.
In response to this invitation, and given the centrality of the Word of God in the prayer life of the Christian community, Cork Scripture Group prepared short background notes about the role of translation in Biblical Studies and offered people sample texts, which compare the current Lectionary and the Revised New Jerusalem Bible, to assist people's understanding of what such a change would involve. We also conducted an online survey with our own members and others as to their views in respect of such a change and their preferences in terms of the translation of the Biblical texts used in the celebration of the Eucharist.

We thank all those who took part in our survey and are happy to publish our submission which outlines the results of our consultation process and our recommendations in light of same.  Simply click on the box below to access the complete submission, together with the results of the online survey and the various appendices. 

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