Autumn 2021
New Beginnings

New Beginnings Course.jpg

Resources from our Autumn 2021 Module on New Beginnings in the Bible

In Autumn 2021, we ran a very successful, fully Covid19 safety compliant, in-person series of presentations in the SCALA centre in Blackrock.  This series focussed on different aspects of  'New Beginnings' in the Bible and consisted in the following presentations:

The Mystery of Creation and our Future

Ben Hegarty OP

Acts of the Apostles: New Beginnings aren't always easy

Marian Mortell

Restored but not yet reedmed: Return from the Bablyonian Exile

Ciaran O' Callaghan CSsR

St Paul: New Beginnings Personified

Phil Mortell

Reflections on Resurrection

Sean Goan

The presenters have kindly made their notes available to us and they are available for download on our 'Resources' page.  To access them simply click here.